Audrey Downey - Designer full-stack developer
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Oodri Dev Portfolio

About this project

A static markdown portfolio website with blog, built with Astro 3.0 & the Astroship Theme

Project Overview

This portfolio website is a static Markdown site developed with Astro 3.0. It serves as my first experience using Astro. I started the project by leveraging the “Astroship” theme, and tailoring its design and layouts to suit my project’s unique needs.

In recent months, my focus has predominantly revolved around learning and implementing Next.js. However, for a content-rich, primarily static website, Next.js seemed a bit excessive. This realization led me to explore alternative solutions, ultimately leading to my decision to experiment with Astro.

Development Experience

Choosing Astro over Next.js was driven by two key factors. Firstly, I was intrigued by Astro’s capabilities. Secondly, it showcased increased efficiency. The lightweight structure of Astro, combined with its extensive collection of starter templates and themes, significantly reduced development time compared to Next.js.

While I initially also considered Jekyll, a framework I’ve worked with before, Astro stood out due to its compatibility with React in a Node environment. Motivated by positive feedback on the developer experience and enticed by the new transition animations introduced in version 3.0, I decided to give Astro a try.

The initial transition from React + Next.js 13 had a small learning curve: Despite Astro’s support for React components, the experience notably differs, especially in terms of state management. The deployment on Vercel also posed some challenges, but the well-crafted documentation from Astro proved invaluable in overcoming these hurdles.

Despite those minor challenges, crafting this site proved to be a swift and enjoyable process. Despite my lack of prior experience with Astro, I managed to have a deployable version ready in just two days.

I’m definitely easer to use Astro again in the future for similar types of projects.