Audrey Downey - Designer full-stack developer
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Full-stack open Blog

About this project

A full-stack web application built with React, Express & MongoDB


This project is a single-page full-stack web application built with React, Express & MongoDB that allows users to manage blog posts. This project was built in the context of the Full Stack Open course offered by the University of Helsinki, for which I have obtained the course certificate with the maximum grade for the base course (parts 1-7).


In this project, I learned and solidified my skills allowing me a basic understanding of how modern web applications are built. I learned how to implement basic CRUD operations, an authentication system using bcryt and JWT, as well as some of the currently most popular framworks for modern web developement, including React, Express, and MongoDB.


  • Login System using credentials & JWT
  • Secure database storage using Bcrypt
  • CRUD Operations on blog posts
  • Custom UI styling using CSS Modules
  • Hosting with

Demo Account

You can login and test this application by using the following credentials:

username: mluukkai
password: salainen