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E-Commerce Store

E-Commerce Solution with PoD & Email Integrations

Elvann's Store

About this project

An e-commerce store using Shopify, with Mailerlite and Printify Integrations.

Project & Requirements

For this project, I needed to build a customized e-commerce solution focused mainly on selling apparel and digital downloads. The e-commerce solution needed to offer an easy and simple way to create and manage products and shipping, integrate with popular print-on.demand-services and an ESP, and offer a highly customized checkout experience for users.

I built a customized e-commerce platform using Shopify. The requirements for this project included:

  • Integration with popular print-on-demand services (Printify and Printful)
  • Email marketing integration with an ESP (Mailerlite)
  • Customized Cart experience
  • Digital Product Downloads
  • Product Bundles


For this project, I opted for using Shopify, as it offers great out-of-the-box features for managing products, and has a large library of third-party plugins for easily integrating with print-on-demand and ESP services, and also for customizing the user checkout experience.

Besides being my first experience using Shopify, this project allowed me to get familiar with e-commerce needs for business applications, and gave me concrete hands-on experience in implementing, marketing and designing with sales as the driving goal.