Audrey Downey - Designer full-stack developer
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Elvann's Portfolio

About this project

A portfolio website built with Wordpress & Designed with Elementor.

About this Project

This website is a portfolio website for my artist brand, Elvann, made with Wordpress and designed with Elementor. I was responsible to build the project on my own, from creating the design and UX to taking care of the hosting. This project has not been very code-heavy, nonetheless I needed a lot of customization to get it to work like I wanted.

I created and designed many content types for the website, including setting setting up my podcast pages, a Patreon integration to offer special rewards to people who subscribed to me monthly through the platform., and integrating Mailerlite, my ESP, so that people could be sign up to my Mailing list with appropriate tagging and grouping.

I created multiple landing pages for various projects and music releases, as well as custom sign up pages for different users.

Plans & Future Updates

I build this website in 2020 initially, and I’m still very content with the look and feel, and also the functionality, but as my skills have improved and I would be interested in re-desinging this website to look more modern, and also find a less costly solution . I’d love to remake this website using either NextJS 13 or Astro, which would allow a lot more flexibility in the design and feel of the website.