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Helping Ukraine as Web Developer for MovEd

full stack web development

At the turn of 2024, I’m happy to be joining MovEd to help them with their website needs!

I first found out about the organization during my first “She got This” meeting with my mentor Hannele Mennala, which turned out to be in need of a web developer for managing and updating the content on their marketing website. She kindly asked me to consider joining the team, besides it being an excellent opportunity to meet new people in my industry in Finland.

Despite having worked closely with web technologies and design, working for a team and an organization is a pretty new experience to me; I’ve previously worked as a freelance teacher and recording musician and have been mostly self reliant for my business operations. Now that I’m transitioning to web development and UI/UX design, I’m really excited to meet people in the industry and gain insight and experience in working with a team. I’m especially happy to be contributing to helping for a cause I think is so important.

What is MovEd?

MovEd is a non-profit organization that helps Ukrainians in this time of war. They are currently in their startup phase and testing pilot programs. The pilot they are running right now is called ”MovEd by Mentoring” and aims at providing mentoring support for Ukrainian teachers in need.

Role & Responsibilities

At this moment, I am tasked with developing new features, updating and maintaining their marketing website, as well as actively contribute to the UI/UX design needs of the business. The previous designer did a fantastic job as establishing a strong branding for the company, and I’m excited to pick up where they left to improve the web experience further.

In the past couple of weeks, I have collaborated with the designated UX designer to come up with a structure for the website that would improve the user experience, notably make it easier for users to find the content and information that they need. The application process for the MovEd by Mentoring program campaign is coming to an end and the end of January, and so the focus has been on making sure the application forms and information about the program were easy to find on the website.