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How to Write Effective Ad Copy (Guidelines)

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Ad copy is one of the most effective and important things to consider when creating an ad on Facebook/Meta. Here are some guidelines to follow to make sure your ad has a good an effective copy that will captivate the audience and make them want to click.

Title & Headline

The title & the headline of your ad are some of the most important things to consider when creating an ad.

Make sure the title and/or the headline of your ad really grabs attention and opens a loop that will intrigue people and compel them to watch even if the don’t know you yet. This is one of the most important factors Here’s an example from my best performing ad:

Elvann Ad

PS: I’ll create an article in the future that’ll go into detail into headlines & titles


  • Avoid putting links as much as possible: Facebook algorithms really dislike links, so the videos and images must be native to the platform. The goal is not to have people visit Spotify, buy our merch, or visit our website, etc, we just want them to fall in love with our music, visit our page, and click around our profile so we can retarget them with specific actions later.
  • Avoid “salesy” copy. Make the post short, relevant and interesting. (examples to avoid: ”buy now!” “Follow us!” “coming soon”, etc ). Instead, make it about the customers: ask them questions, prompt them to engage, etc.
  • Videos and images with human faces always perform better than cover art or other kinds of posts, so when possible, always content with faces.

Post Type

  • The best kinds of posts are videos. It can be just a preview, or a full music video: it doesn’t matter. Videos are the best performing and the most easy kinds of posts to retarget people with later on.

Quick Ad Checklist

  • The headline is catchy & grabs the attention
  • The copy feels personalized the the people who will see it
  • The copy sounds natural and interesting, not “salesy”
  • The copy tells a story, opens a loop
  • The call to action is clear and concise (if applicable)
  • The creative (video/image) grabs the attention and is engaging
  • I would actually click/engage/listen if this were to show in my timeline

In the future, I will probably create a more thorough tutorial for creating effective ad copy, and the strategies I use to come up with ideas and test those using ads.


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